The People of OrangeRhino

At OrangeRhino Concrete Coatings, we realize that to deliver better looking concrete our people must work with purpose. We actively foster an environment where OrangeRhino Associates can be the best version of themselves and realize their greatest potential.

We would love it if all of our associates would work with us forever and retire with a gold watch, but we realize that we may be a fun stop along the way of a bigger journey. It is vital that all of our associates keep their dreams in mind and that what we do for others will help them attain their goals.

Extreme Ownership 

Operate with purpose. Tackle the task(s) at hand with urgency instead of procrastinating. OrangeRhino is an all hands in organization where associates support one another regardless of title or core role. Treat one another with respect and work with excellence.

Work Hard - Play Hard

Balance is important. At OrangeRhino we want to foster an environment where you have the tools and support to work with excellence while having fun. We don't want to take ourselves too seriously.


Create a WOW experience for OrangeRhino customers! We want them not just to be satisfied, but to #LovetheRhino!