Frequently Asked Questions

With any home improvement project there are questions. Take a look at some of the common questions we get and the answers below.

If your first question is "How much?", then we'll be happy to schedule a brief meeting for us to evaluate your concrete floor and offer a proposal!

Your garage is the largest space in your home. It's the place you go in and out of every day. It also takes some abuse, so the right coatings can keep your garage looking great!

You can, however those are consumer grade products that offer temporary cosmetic improvement. The coatings system we use is a multi-step system that guarantees a great looking finish and offers a 15-year warranty.

Guessing at the price for your space doesn’t really help. There are a few factors that affect the cost. We need to evaluate the condition of the concrete and take measurements. It is best for us to evaluate the space and offer the exact price for the project.

8-10 hours. Typically when we complete a project, you can walk on the floor again the next morning.

Cure time varies based on temperature and moisture levels. It is safe to move items back in after 24 hours and your vehicle can be parked on the surface after 48 hours. You can walk on the floor as soon as 6 hours after completion.

The warranty is provided by the product manufacturer: PennTek Industrial Coatings. You can register your warranty here: OrangeRhino will provide the documentation needed to register your warrant online with PennTek. 

One year. The regular price we provide is valid for a full year. The discount may very so this could effect the total price, but the base price before discounts is guaranteed for one year.

As you would any floor in your home. A mop with household cleaners (NO BLEACH) work great! Also you can rinse with a water hose. Pressure washing is not recommended and is not necessary.

Yes, it’s our Red, White, and Blue discount.

The Red, White, and Blue discount is available to first responders, medical professionals, as well as veterans and active duty military service members.

The floor reaches full cure at 72 hours. You can walk on the floor in 8-10 hours, move light items on to the floor after 24 hours, and park and replace heavy items after 36 hours.

Polyurea is 10x more flexible and 4x stronger than epoxy which makes it more durable. We are happy to illustrate differences and explain during our design consultation.

Yes. Concrete dust is very fine. We use a HEPA vacuum to control as much dust as we can, however there will be dust generated from the profiling process.

We dispose of our excess material, vacuum residual flake, and blow off dust around the work area. When we finish there will likely still be dust present on walls, shelving, etc.

We generally arrive between 8:00 and 8:30am local time. 

No. And there’s no reason to. Pressure washing is good at removing dirt from the pours in the concrete. Our coating removes the pours, so no need to use pressure to clean the coated floor!

Indeed we can. The coating material is resilient to weather and we use specific blends for the day’s weather. 

We evaluate this on a case by case basis depending on the scope of the project and the severity of the weather. 

Once the top coat is applied it will continue to cure despite temperature change or precipitation.

Chattanooga, TN; Huntsville, AL; Birmingham, AL. You are welcome to call or email and see if you’re within our coverage area.

No. We have a single location for our associates and to receive and stage materials. We bring color samples to you when we come for our consultation.

To ensure accuracy in the price we offer, we need to evaluate the space vs making an estimate based on drawings or measurements. 

We can coat concrete after it has cured 30-45 days. We can provide a proposal once we can walk on the concrete for the evaluation. 

Our installations are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. The lead time can vary based on how many jobs we have scheduled and the product selection.

We offer all of our customers the same, fair pricing. The only discount we offer, other than seasonal promotions is the Red, White, and Blue discount for those who serve.

The top coat has an odor. It will dissipate after 8-10 hours when properly ventilated.

The floor needs to be clean and dry. All you have to do is remove your items and sweep it. Please do NOT apply water to clean the floor prior to installation.

The floor needs to be clean and dry prior to installation. It is best to not have a wet car in the garage, dripping water onto the floor right before we install the coating.

It’s easy. We send an invoice with a link to pay online.

Of course! Just give it to your design associate or the installation associate.

A deposit is to be paid when your job is scheduled and final payment is due the day of installation.

No. We specialize in garages, patios, porches, and basements.

No. We offer the PennTek Evolution coating system

No. We offer the PennTek Evolution coating system.

We specialize in the Evolution Coating system. Other options can be discussed with your Design Consultant.

In most cases, yes. We need to evaluate the space to determine your needs.

No. Our coatings are formulated to bond to concrete.

For us to install the new coatings we need the floor to be clean and DRY. All items need to be moved off the floor and the surface should not be wet. We simply ask customers to move their belongings out of the garage so we have an open surface to work with.

Yes. Our business model is set up to offer one-day concrete coatings, so areas like a porch, patio, or basement are projects we can tackle assuming the space is accessible and can be done in 1-day.

First we use a diamond blade grinder to profile the concrete to remove any dust, oils, etc., getting the concrete to it's original, porous texture. Then we clean the surface and repair the cracks. After cracks are repaired and the surface is clean, we apply a 2-part base coat that is formulated for our climate. After the base coat, we spread chips everywhere! Once the chips are broadcast, we scrape up the loose chips and apply the finish coat.